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When something disturbing happens, it gets stored in the brain in a way that our human system feels like that event is either going to happen again at any moment or is happening now. This event is stored physically in the brain. When some event may be similar or just has an element that reminds our system of that disturbing event (thought, image, smell, sound, touch, or other sensation), the central nervous system reacts as if the original, disturbing event is happening.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a form of therapy proven to be highly effective in helping provide relief from psychological stress and healing from trauma (single or complex) or other distressing life experiences. EMDR helps to move the storage of that memory to a more functional part of the brain that can experience the event as actually being in the past. It is important to understand that an actual physical change is happening with EMDR. The events that previously activated the brain into overreaction no longer have that effect. The person can now react to the present without the past interfering. 

Importantly, NH&CS practitioners are trained in the S.A.F.E. approach to EMDR. A unique aspect of S.A.F.E. is that it follows the traditional EMDR protocols while focusing on somatic (body) and attachment (relational development) as influenced by trauma. S.A.F.E. allows a holistic view of the human condition in response to trauma while aligning more comprehensively with a biblical view of humankind (heart, body, mind, and spirit). 

Since trauma symptoms can include chronic pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, tension, performance anxiety, anger, mood swings, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dependency, learned helplessness, self-esteem, eating disorders, sleep problems, complicated grief, phobias, stress, and addictions, EMDR therapy has also been found to be effective for assisting those struggling with these health issues as well.

If you are ready to clear the lingering effects of trauma and find lasting peace in your life, please contact us to schedule a free in-person or phone consultation. We are happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and discuss how trauma therapy can help you.

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